Keith's In The Community

We believe in "shop local" and started our own campaign several years ago, to enhance the customer thought process to shop with local merchants. We practice shopping local as we use local merchants and service providers.

Keith's Superstores helps to nurture the communities in which we operate. We support schools, churches, animal shelters, children's activities and organizations as much as we can.

In 2011, Keith's Superstores brought Mardi Gras to the children and communities in Hattiesburg, Ms, by presenting the first Mardi Gras Parade in Hattiesburg. Now in it's 5th year, the parade has become the largest event to be held in Hattiesburg, bringing as many as 65,000 spectators and participants. The revenue brought to Hattiesburg by this event has been incredible and warmly received. In 2015, we added a charity Mardi Gras Ball to the festivities, also a great success. Caerus Parade Group has gifted funds to The Children's Center for Communication and Development, The A.R.C., five local animal shelters, and the United Way.

Keith's Superstores runs two major charity campaign's within its stores every year, raising funds for organizations such as Make A Wish, Heart Association, MDA, March of Dimes, St. Jude etc.

In 2015, Keith's Superstores donated $45,000 to the Hattiesburg Tourism Committee for the Hattiesburg Kemper Park Zoo to build a new restaurant for children and adults to enjoy. This project is well under way and going beautifully.

In 2016, Keith's Superstores will sponsor the Festival South's "Artie" mascot. This character was especially created for children. Artie will appear at numerous events created for children to learn about other countries, cultures arts and many activities.

Keith's Superstores loves our state of Mississippi. We have marketed a merchandise line of "Mississippi Made" products. Our local customers, as well as travelers, have embraced this concept and we are continuously working to improve.

Keith's Superstores is known for our tagline, "Keith's Superstores, not just the fastest, but the friendliest too.." This statement holds true in everything that we do. It is our mission as well as our passion.